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Date:  August 15, 2005

[NOTE: only portions of the dictated report have been provided]


CLINICAL SIGNS: / DURATION: possible pyometra

Ventrodorsal and right lateral views of the abdomen are available. There is increased soft tissue opacity noted dorsal to the urinary bladder and ventral to the colon on the lateral view consistent with uteromegaly. There is a soft tissue opacity tubular structure superimposed over the apex of the urinary bladder on the lateral view that could potentially represent a uterine horn, or small intestinal bowel loop. The small intestines are diffusely fluid filled, and all tubular structures within the abdomen are relatively similar in size. There is a soft tissue opacity that measures roughly 6 x 6.5 cm in size caudal to the right kidney. There is an ill-defined and wispy to striated hazy appearance associated with the tubular soft tissue structures in the abdomen. No other abnormalities are noted. 


Uteromegaly and soft tissue mass caudal to the right kidney that is thought to represent an ovarian structure may be indicative of cystic ovarian disease, or potentially an ovarian tumor in addition to the patient's probable pyometra. The wispy abdominal contrast raises concern for mild effusion or inflammatory reaction secondary to the possible pyometra. Recommend abdominal ultrasonography for further evaluation and possibly a surgical explore.

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