Welcome to the online lab for CVM 6101. To properly view this lab you must be able to view frames and enable pop-ups. If you have any difficulty accessing any information on this site, contact Kristy Lashbaugh via e-mail at lashb007@umn.edu with "6101 Lab" in the subject line.

Click on one of the following links to access the unlabeled and labeled images for each lab section.

Lab 1 Small Animal Limbs
  • Pectoral Limb
    • Carpus - Foot
    • Elbow and Antebrachium
    • Shoulder and Brachium
  • Pelvic Limb
    • Pelvis and Femur
    • Stifle and Tibia
    • Tarsus - Foot
Lab 2 Small Animal Spine and Thorax
Lab 3 Small Animal Abdomen, Skull, Dental
Lab 5 Large Animal Axial Skeleton